How Do You Charge Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are a type of playing card, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. In the late 18th century, it began to be used for divination in the form of tarotology and cartomancy.

There are many different ways to charge tarot cards, depending on the purpose for which they will be used.

How do you bless your new Tarot cards?

When you first receive your new tarot cards, it is customary to bless them by saying a quick prayer or affirmation. This can include anything you like, such as thanking the tarot for its guidance and blessings in your readings, or asking for protection and good luck.

It is also common to take a moment to reaffirm your commitment to using tarot for spiritual growth and enlightenment, and to ask the tarot to show you the way forward.

What happens if you don’t cleanse your tarot cards?

If you don’t cleanse your tarot cards, you run the risk of negative energy attaching itself to the cards. This can cause negative outcomes in your life, as well as negative energy being drawn to the cards and harming your ability to read tarot.

  How Do You Bless Tarot Cards?

How to cleanse tarot cards without tools?

Cleaning tarot cards without tools is relatively simple, as long as you have a damp cloth or sponge. Soak the cloth or sponge in cool water, then wring it out and use it to clean the card.

Be sure to use a light touch, as excessive rubbing could damage the card’s surface.

How to cleanse tarot cards?

When it comes to cleansing tarot cards, it is important to use a method that will not damage the cards or the surface you are cleaning. One popular method is to use a solution of warm water and white vinegar.

You can also use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Be sure to test the solution on a inconspicuous area first to make sure it does not damage the card.

What to do if someone touches your tarot cards?

If someone touches your tarot cards, it is best to move them away from their hands as quickly as possible. If the person does not stop touching the cards, it is best to ask them to stop.

If the person does not stop touching the cards, it is best to remove the cards from the situation and/or contact a professional tarot reader.

Do I have to cleanse my tarot cards every time I use them?

There is no set rule on how often you should cleanse your tarot cards, but it is generally advised to do so every few uses. Cleansing helps to remove any negative energy that may have been left on the cards, and it also allows the tarot to function at its best.

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How to charge tarot cards with crystals?

There is no one definitive way to charge tarot cards with crystals, as the method that works best for each individual user will vary depending on their personal preferences and technique. However, many tarot card readers report that they charge their cards by placing them on top of a crystal or other energy-rich object, using a gentle flow of energy from the crystals to charge the tarot cards.

Other readers recommend using a pendulum to charge the cards, or using a bowl of water with crystals dissolved in it to charge the cards. Ultimately, the method that works best for the reader depends on their own personal preferences and technique.

How to charge tarot cards moon?

There are many ways to charge tarot cards moon. One way is to charge them using a solar charger.

This can be done by placing the tarot cards in direct sunlight. Another way is to place the tarot cards in a warm, dry place.

Finally, you can charge them using a USB charger.

When you first get your tarot deck?

When someone first gets a tarot deck, they may feel excited or intrigued. They may be curious about what it is and what it can do.

They may be eager to learn more about it. After all, tarot is a form of divination that can provide insight into one’s own life and the lives of others.

When someone first gets a tarot deck, they should take the time to read the instructions that come with it. This will help them to learn how to use the deck.

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They should also familiarize themselves with the different cards and their meanings. Once they have a basic understanding of how the deck works, they can begin to read for themselves.

There are many different ways to read tarot. Some people prefer to read for themselves, while others prefer to have their readings interpreted.

It is up to the individual to decide which method they prefer.

How do you charge and cleanse tarot cards?

Cleaning tarot cards is an important part of keeping them in good condition. Some methods for cleaning tarot cards include: Soap and water, alcohol, and a mild cleaner.

How do you charge tarot cards for the first time?

There are a few different ways to charge your tarot cards for the first time. One way is to simply print out the tarot reading cards you downloaded and cut them out.

Then, you can charge them by placing them in a plastic bag and sealing the bag. Another way is to place the reading cards in an envelope and seal the envelope.

Then, you can charge the cards by stamping or writing the charge on the envelope.


Different people have different ways of charging their tarot cards. Some people may simply hold their deck in their hands and visualize energy entering the cards, while others may use more specific methods such as placing their deck in the light of the moon or using crystals.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment and find what works best for them in terms of charging their tarot cards.