How Do You Connect Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are a type of playing card, typically numbering 78, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play a group of card games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot. Tarot cards are also used by some mystics to gain insight into the future.

The deck is divided into two groups, the major arcana and the minor arcana.

How to connect tarot cards in a reading?

In a reading, tarot cards are used to offer insight into the person’s current situation, future prospects, and possible solutions.

To connect the tarot cards in a reading, the tarot reader first examines the tarot card in front of them, paying attention to the image, symbolism, and possible meanings. Next, they look to the cards to their left and right, considering the implications of the positions and the messages they may contain.

Finally, they combine all of this information with what they know about the person receiving the reading to create a comprehensive reading.

How do you spread tarot cards for beginners?

One way to spread tarot cards for beginners is to cut them into fourths, and shuffle them. When you are ready to read the tarot, place the card facing up on a flat surface.

If you are using a traditional tarot deck, place the top card of the deck face up on the flat surface. If you are using a randomized tarot deck, place the first card face up on the flat surface.

Hold the other three cards in your hand, and spread them out so that the top card is facing down. Place your thumb on the back of the top card, and your other three fingers on the top edge of the card.

Push down so that the card spreads evenly. Once the card is spread, turn it so that the face is facing up and look at the image.

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There are some common ways to spread the cards for a beginner:

-One hand placed over the other with the cards spread out like a fan
-One hand placed over the other with the cards spread out like a flower
-One hand placed over the other with the cards spread out like a letter

How to apologize to your tarot deck?

There are a few things to keep in mind when apologizing to your tarot deck. First, make sure that you are sincere in your apology.

If you are not really sorry for what you did, your apology will come across as fake or insincere. Second, be specific about what you are sorry for.

Saying “I’m sorry for making you do that” is not as specific as “I’m sorry for the way I made you feel.” Finally, be sure to follow up your apology with an offer to make things right.

If you can, offer to do something to make up for your mistake or to make things more comfortable for the tarot deck.

How to respectfully use tarot cards?

When tarot cards are used in readings, it is important to be respectful to the client and the cards. One way to be respectful is to avoid making assumptions about the client’s story or situation.

Another way to be respectful is to avoid speaking in a judgmental or critical manner. It is also important to be aware of the energy that tarot cards can carry.

For example, if a tarot card reading is for personal growth, it is important to maintain an open and positive attitude while reading the cards.

How do you use the Tarot cards?

The Tarot cards can be used as a tool for divination, or as a way to explore your thoughts and feelings. The Tarot is a collection of pictures that are meant to represent different aspects of life.

There are 78 cards, with the name of the card following the picture. The Tarot is believed to have originated in medieval Italy, and is still used today as a way to connect with the divine.

To use the Tarot cards, you first need to decide which position you would like to take in the reading. There are four positions: the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, and the Lovers.

After you have chosen your position, you will spread out the Tarot cards face down on a table in front of you. You should then take a deep breath and begin to read the cards.

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When you are reading the Tarot cards, it is important to pay attention to the images and the words on the cards. The Tarot is a tool that can help you to connect with your intuition, and it is important to use it in a way that is comfortable for you.

You should also be aware of your own feelings while you are reading the cards, and you should use your intuition to guide you.

How to tell if your tarot deck likes you?

The tarot deck is a tool that can be used for divination, or fortune-telling. When someone first picks up a tarot deck, they may be wondering how to tell if the deck likes them.

There is no one definitive answer, but there are some things that can help indicate if the deck is happy to be in someone’s hands.

The first thing to look for is the deck’s condition. If the deck is in good condition, it will be easy to handle and the cards will be free from blemishes or creases.

Additionally, the deck should be decked out in a way that makes it easy to read. If the deck is not in good condition, it may be difficult to read or the cards may be bunched up or wrinkled.

Another sign that the deck likes you is if it talks to you. If the deck starts to make strange noises or starts to answer your questions without you having to ask it, it may be indicating that the deck is happy to be in your hands.

The last sign that the deck likes you is if it gives you good readings. If the readings that the deck gives you are accurate and consistent, it may be indicating that the deck is happy to be in your hands.

How to connect with a new tarot deck?

When it comes to tarot decks, the first step is to find a tarot reader who can connect you with a deck that is right for you. Once you have chosen a deck, the next step is to find a reading with the deck.

You can do this by looking through tarot readings offered by practitioners or by searching for tarot readings in specific locations, such as on websites or in magazines.

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After you have found a reading with the deck, the next step is to prepare for your reading. This means that you should familiarize yourself with the deck and the meanings of the cards.

You can do this by reading tarot tarot cards online or by reading a book that is specifically about tarot tarot card reading. Once you are familiar with the deck and the meanings of the cards, you are ready to begin your reading.

During your reading, you will be asked a series of questions about your current situation and about your future. The tarot cards will then be used to give you a reading about your situation and your future.

After your reading, you can either take the advice that the tarot cards give you or use it as a starting point for further exploration.

How do you make connections between tarot cards?

When tarot readings are done professionally, the tarot card reader will typically shuffle the tarot deck and then spread the cards face down on a table. The tarot reader then looks at the first card, which is usually the tarot trump or major arcana.

After reading the first card, the tarot reader will then look at the next card and make a connection between the two. For example, if the first card is the tarot trump The Tower, and the second card is the tarot trump The Hermit, the tarot reader might say something like “The Tower represents a time of upheaval and change, and The Hermit represents solitude and self-reflection.”

After making connections between the cards, the tarot reader will then read the rest of the cards.

How do you cleanse and connect Tarot cards?

In order to cleanse and connect Tarot cards, it is necessary to remove any unwanted energy or energies that may be lingering on the cards. This can be done by using a cleansing ritual or by using a tarot card cleansing tool.

After the cards have been cleaned, it is important to connect with the energy of the tarot card. This can be done by reading its meaning or by using a tarot reading tool to connect with the energy of the card.


The text provides a few different options for connecting Tarot cards, including using keywords, symbols, and colors. It also suggests that connecting the cards can help create meaning and understanding during a reading.