How Does A Libra Get Revenge?

In astrology, Libra is represented by the scales, which symbolize balance. Libra is an air sign, and is ruled by the planet Venus.

Libra is a peaceful sign, and is known for being fair, just, and diplomatic. However, Libra can also be vengeful when they feel they have been wronged.

Libra will usually take a passive-aggressive approach to revenge, using manipulation and manipulation to get back at someone.

Can Libras be evil?

The qualities that make someone evil could vary depending on the individual. However, some experts believe that people who are Libras can be more manipulative and cunning than other people, and can be more likely to be opportunistic and take advantage of others.

Additionally, they may be more prone to acting out in anger and impulsiveness, which can make them difficult to work with and lead to conflicts.

How do libras act when hurt?

Libras are very emotional people, and when they are hurt, they are very likely to feel anger, sadness, and frustration. They will also be very likely to feel the need to be alone and to isolate themselves from others.

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Libras may also become reclusive and stop talking or communicating with others.

What makes a libra angry?

Libra is an air sign and thus they are very communicative and expressive. When something is upsetting them, they will let you know.

They are also very sensitive to their environment and what is happening around them. If something is bothering them, they will usually let you know.

How would a Libra act in a fight?

Libra is known for its diplomatic skills and its ability to smooth over tensions. As such, Libra would likely try to avoid any conflict if possible.

If conflict does arise, Libra is likely to attempt to solve the issue diplomatically.

What to do when a libra is mad?

When a libra is mad, they may become argumentative and hostile. They may also become withdrawn and refuse to communicate.

In extreme cases, a libra may lash out physically or emotionally.

What do libras hate?

There is no universal answer to this question since people have different opinions. However, some general things that libras may dislike include people who are pushy, people who are judgmental, and people who are not considerate.

How long does a libra man stay mad?

Libra men generally remain mad for a shorter period of time than other men. This is likely due to their need for balance and harmony in their lives.

Libra men are often quick to forgive, so they are likely to move on quickly from any conflict.

What happens when a libra is mad at you?

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Libra people are typically very gentle and peaceful, but when they are angry, they can be very powerful and destructive. They can be frustrating and difficult to work with when they are angry, and they can be very critical and difficult to please.

When they are angry, libra people can become very argumentative and critical, and they may also be very angry and destructive.

How do Libras act when they are hurt?

Libras often take on the role of healer, which can come in handy when they are hurt. They are natural nurturers and caretakers, so they are usually very compassionate and forgiving.

They also have a sense of intuition and insight, which can help them to understand the emotional states of others. This makes them good at offering comfort and support.

Libras can also be very intuitive when it comes to solving puzzles and problems.

Are libras dangerous?

Libras can be seen as either incredibly beneficial or incredibly dangerous. Some people believe that libras are incredibly powerful and can help you achieve things that you never thought possible, while others believe that libras are incredibly dangerous and can cause you harm if not used correctly.

The potential benefits and dangers of libras depend on the individual. However, in general, libras are believed to be incredibly beneficial if used correctly, and can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

However, if used incorrectly, libras can be incredibly dangerous and can cause you harm.

How is Libras enemy?

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Libras are enemies because they are very critical of themselves and their abilities. They often put themselves down, which makes them difficult to work with.

Additionally, Libras often do not take criticism well, which can lead to conflicts.


As each individual Libra will likely have their own unique way of exacting revenge. However, some possible methods could include passive-aggressive behavior, using their wit and intelligence to outsmart their adversary, or simply giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Whatever the approach, it is likely that a Libra will seek to achieve a sense of balance and justice in their revenge, rather than simply causing harm for the sake of it.