Tarot Cards: What Are Death Cards?

Death cards are a type of tarot card that typically depict a person or scene related to death. They are often used in readings to represent change, endings, and new beginnings.

Does the death tarot card mean yes or no?

The tarot cardDeath does not necessarily mean yes or no. It could mean a change in circumstances or a new opportunity.

It could also mean that someone has passed away, and their guidance and wisdom can no longer be found in this life.

What does the Death card mean in readings?

The Death card can connote a number of different things in readings. It can represent a person’s death or loss, as well as another person’s death or loss.

It can also represent endings or changes, as well as potential dangers or challenges.


There are a number of different interpretations for what death cards in a tarot deck represent. Some believe that they symbolize physical death, while others interpret them as representing change or transformation.

Many decks have death cards that feature skulls or skeletons, which can be interpreted as representing the end of something. Ultimately, it is up to the individual reader to decide what the death card means in their own reading.