Tarot Cards: What Do The 4 Suits Represent?

The tarot is a pack of playing cards, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games such as Italian tarocchini, French tarot and Austrian Königrufen. Many of these tarot decks have 22 trumps – the Major Arcana – and four suits of 14 cards each.

The suits are typically numbered from ace to ten, with a jack, queen and king also included.

What does each suit of tarot cards represent?

There are 78 tarot cards, each with a different meaning and purpose. Each suit, or group of four cards, represent different aspects of life.

The Minor Arcana cards (the 26 cards before the Fool) represent our personal struggles and challenges. The Major Arcana cards (the 22 cards after the Fool) represent our collective struggles and challenges.

What are the 4 suits in Tarot?

The four suits of tarot are pentacles (coins), cups (wine or coffee), swords (arms), and wands (a type of wand). Each suit has a different meaning and can be used in different ways. For example, the cups can be used to indicate emotions (happy, sad, etc.

), while the swords can indicate a battle or confrontation.

What do the suit of wands represent in Tarot?

The suit of wands in Tarot is associated with the Air element. The suit represents the ability to think and act quickly and decisively.

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It is also associated with the ability to create and achieve goals.

How many suits in a tarot deck?

A tarot deck typically consists of 78 cards, with a typical suit consisting of four cards. Thus, a tarot deck would contain 24 suits or 64 cards.

What does the 4 tarot card mean?

The Four Tarot Cards represent the four seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. They can be used to predict future events, or to gain insight into your current state.

The Four Tarot Cards are traditionally divided into the Major Arcana (0-21), and the Minor Arcana (22-39).


Tarot cards are believed to have originated in the 15th century, and they are often used for divination and fortune telling. There are four suits in a tarot deck, which represent different aspects of life.

The suits are cups, pentacles, wands, and swords. Cups represent emotions and relationships, pentacles represent money and material possessions, wands represent creativity and inspiration, and swords represent thoughts and communication.