Tarot Cards: What Does 5Th Wheeling Mean?

The term “5th Wheeling” is derived from the tarot card reading practice of using a fifth tarot card to represent the querent’s (person having the tarot reading) current situation. This card is placed in the center of the reading and is read in conjunction with the other four cards.

The 5th Wheeling tarot card reading method is used to provide clarity and guidance on a situation that the querent may be facing.

What do the symbols on the Wheel of Fortune card mean?

The Wheel of Fortune card refers to the situation of chance in life. The three main symbols on the wheel are the sword, the club, and the pentacle.

The sword represents strength, the club represents wisdom, and the pentacle represents protection.

What is the 5th card in Tarot?

The fifth card in Tarot is The Tower. The Tower is a symbol of chaos and destruction.

It often indicates a time of great upheaval or change. The card may be interpreted as a warning of impending danger or a sign that something must be faced head on.

What does the wheel card mean in Tarot?

Wheel card readings are a popular form of divination used in Tarot. The wheel card is a specific type of tarot card that is used to represent a specific situation or issue.

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When reading for yourself or a client, it is important to know the meaning of the wheel card so that you can better understand the situation.

What does the Wheel of Fortune mean in a love reading?

There are a few different interpretations of the Wheel of Fortune in a love reading. One interpretation is that it represents the cycle of life, love, and happiness.

Another interpretation is that it represents the journey of life and the opportunities that are available to us. In a love reading, the Wheel of Fortune can also represent the journey of a relationship and the challenges that will be faced along the way.


The term “5th Wheeling” is derived from the tarot card reading practice of using a fifth and additional tarot card to gain further insight into a given situation. This extra card is placed above or below the central four cards in order to offer a different perspective on the matter at hand.

The 5th Wheel position can offer an alternative view, shed new light on an issue, or provide additional information that was not apparent before.