What Do Atheists Believe Happens After Death?

Atheists do not believe in an afterlife, and so they do not believe that anything happens after death.

Do atheist believe in god?

Some atheists do not believe in a deity or gods, while others may believe in one or more deities without believing in a creator deity.

Do atheist believe in souls?

There is no universal consensus on the topic of souls, but most atheists believe that souls do not exist. Some say that souls are nothing more than an illusion created by the human mind, while others argue that souls are simply the sum total of an individual’s experiences and memories.

What happens at an atheist funeral?

At an atheist funeral, there will likely be no religious service or burial. The deceased’s friends and family may gather to remember and celebrate the life of the person, and there may be a memorial service or celebration afterward.

What do atheist believe about human purpose?

An atheist believes that human purpose is an illusion. While there are certainly complex and mysterious aspects to human existence, the atheist argues that there is no inherent purpose or meaning to it.

Ultimately, humans are just animals who happen to exist in a specific time and place.

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What do atheists believe in?

Atheists believe in nothing.

What percent of atheists believe in an afterlife?

Atheism does not include a belief in an afterlife.

What happens after death?

Death is the end of life. Upon death, the body ceases to function and is no longer alive.

After death, the body is either buried or cremated. The body is then reduced to ashes which are deposited in a urn or urn-like container.

What does an atheist say when someone dies?

An atheist may say that when someone dies, they are no longer alive.

How does an atheist deal with grief?

It is understandable that atheists may feel unprepared or uncomfortable dealing with grief. Grief is a natural human reaction to loss, and it can be a difficult process to navigate.

Some things that may help atheists cope with grief are to remember that grief is a normal and common experience, to talk about their feelings with others, and to have faith in the future. atheists may also find comfort in philosophical or religious beliefs, or in activities that remind them of the person they have lost.


Atheists have a variety of beliefs about what happens after death. Some believe that nothing happens and that death is simply the end of existence, while others believe in reincarnation or some other form of afterlife.

Ultimately, what an atheist believes about what happens after death is a personal belief and can vary widely from individual to individual.