What Do You Call A Person Who Is Not Spiritual?

A person who is not spiritual is often called an atheist.

What is the opposite of a spiritual person?

An opposite to a spiritual person would be someone who is materialistic in their outlook. They may not believe in any sort of higher power, and instead focus on obtaining wealth and power.

They may also be shallow in their thoughts and actions, often caring only about themselves.

What do you call a non spiritual person?

There is no single answer to this question, as the term “non spiritual person” can have different meanings depending on the speaker’s context and cultural background. In some cases, a non spiritual person may refer to someone who does not adhere to traditional religious beliefs or practices.

In other cases, a non spiritual person may simply mean someone who is not involved in any form of spiritual activity or practice.

What do you call someone who is spiritual but not religious?

There is no single word that neatly encapsulates someone who is spiritual but not religious. In general, people who fall into this category might be called “spiritual but not religious” or “non-religious.”

Some people might choose to describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious because I believe there is more to life than just religion.” Others might describe themselves as “non-religious” because they don’t believe in any gods or spiritual beings.

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There is no one right answer to this question. Some people might simply call themselves “spiritual” or “non-religious,” while others might use a more specific term, such as “spiritual but not religious atheist.”

What is it called when you don’t believe in spirituality?

There is no single answer to this question as people have different beliefs and opinions on spirituality. However, in general, when someone does not believe in spirituality, they may refer to it as atheism or non-theism.

What do you call a person with no religion but believes in god?

There is no single term that is universally accepted to describe someone who does not identify with any organized religion, but may nevertheless believe in a god or gods. Some people refer to this group as “non-religious,” while others use the terms “agnostic,” “non-theist,” or “freethinker.”

Ultimately, the term that is chosen depends on the individual’s personal preference.

What do you call a spiritual person?

It can vary from person to person. Typically, though, when people refer to someone as spiritual, they mean someone who is connected to their own internal spiritual journey and who actively practices seeking guidance and understanding from within.

Someone who is spiritual may also be someone who practices meditation, reads spiritual texts, or engages in other forms of self-care that allow them to connect more deeply with their inner selves.


A person who is not spiritual is often called an atheist.