What Does 520 Mean In A Text?

520 is a code used to indicate a laugh in online communication. It is similar to LOL (laugh out loud) or LMAO (laughing my ass off).

What is the meaning of 637?

The meaning of 637 is “six hundred thirty-seven.”

What does 831 mean in texting?

831 is a shorthand code for “I love you.”

What does 381 mean?

381 may stand for either the month in which the patient was born, or the age of the patient.

What does 520 mean in chinese?

In chinese culture, the number “520” is associated with the Chinese word for “prosperity.” When used as a telephone number, 520 is often associated with luxury and high-class businesses.

What does 14344 mean?

The number 14344 can be pronounced as three thousand four hundred forty-four. This number is used in mathematics and computer science to represent the hexadecimal value of the number 4.


520 is often used as a code for “I love you” in text messages.

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