What Does It Mean When A Tarot Card Is Upside Down?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards with 22 of them being major arcana and 56 being minor arcana. The major arcana cards represent important aspects of life and the minor arcana cards represent the more mundane aspects.

The tarot can be used for divination, which is the practice of using the cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future. The position of the cards can be important when doing a reading.

If a card is upside down, it is often interpreted as having the opposite meaning of what it would if it were right side up.

How do you know if a tarot card is upright or reversed?

The tarot card reading can be interpreted in a number of ways, but generally, if the card is upright, it suggests a positive outcome will occur; if the card is reversed, it suggests that a negative outcome will occur. It is important to remember that the meaning of a tarot card cannot be relied upon to determine the future.

How to do a tarot reading?

A tarot reading is a type of divination using tarot cards. The tarot is a medieval card game that is now used as a form of divination.

Tarot readings typically involve the reader asking the client questions about their current situation, and then drawing cards to provide guidance.

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To perform a tarot reading, the reader will typically need to gather a deck of tarot cards. The reader will then ask the client a series of questions about their current situation.

The reader will then draw cards from the deck, and use these cards to provide guidance to the client.

There are many different types of tarot readings, and the reader will typically use different cards to provide different types of guidance. Common types of guidance that a tarot card can provide include advice on the current situation, future predictions, and advice on how to deal with specific issues.

Tarot readings can be extremely helpful in providing guidance to the client. By using tarot cards to ask questions about the client’s situation, and then drawing cards to provide guidance, the reader can provide the client with a wealth of information.

This information can help the client to better understand their current situation, and to make decisions that will best suit their interests.

If you are interested in performing a tarot reading, be sure to speak with a professional reader. A professional reader will be able to provide you with the guidance you need to perform a successful tarot reading.

What does it mean when a tarot card falls sideways?

When a tarot card falls sideways, it typically means that there is a disruption or change in the near future. This could be a warning that something unexpected is going to happen, or that a problem is looming.

It’s often a sign that something is not right and that something needs to be addressed.

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How to read reversed tarot cards?

There are a few different ways to read reversed tarot cards. One way is to take the cards in the same order as the traditional tarot deck, reading the first card, the second card, and so on.

Another way is to read the first, third, and fifth cards first, then the second, fourth, and sixth cards.

One way to read reversed tarot cards is to start with the first card and read the meaning of the card, then move on to the next card. For example, if the first card is the Tower, the meaning of the card might be something like “you are in control,” so the person reading the reversed tarot card might say something like “You are in control of your life and you are able to make decisions.”

Next, they would read the card for the person, which might be the Moon, which might mean “you are emotionally strong.” Finally, they would read the last card, the Star, which might mean “you are successful.”


There are differing opinions on what it means when a tarot card is upside down during a reading. Some believe that it simply adds more meaning to the card, while others believe that it completely changes the meaning.

There are also those who believe that an upside down tarot card has no special meaning and should be interpreted the same as if it were right side up.