What Happened To Mary Magdalene After Jesus Died?

Mary Magdalene was one of the most important figures in the New Testament. She was a close friend and follower of Jesus Christ, and was present at his crucifixion and burial.

After Jesus’ death, Mary Magdalene is said to have gone to his tomb and found it empty. She then reported this to the other disciples, and was the first person to see the risen Christ.

Mary Magdalene is an important figure in Christianity, and her story is an essential part of the Easter story.

What did Mary do after Jesus was crucified?

There is no single answer to this question as Mary’s life and actions after Jesus’ crucifixion vary depending on the source. In general, however, Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, and other women who followed Jesus were likely among the first to visit his tomb after his crucifixion.

They likely experienced great sadness and shock at the sight of Jesus’ body, which had been left exposed to the elements. Some believe that Mary Magdalene also helped carry Jesus’ body out of the tomb.

Why is mary magdalene called lilith in the chosen?

There are several possible explanations for why Mary Magdalene is sometimes called Lilith. One theory is that she is a symbol of the dark side of the feminine—something that is hidden and feared.

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Lilith is also known as the first wife of Adam, and she was banished from the Garden of Eden because she refused to obey God. This makes her a symbol of rebellion and freedom.

Another theory is that the name Lilith comes from the Hebrew word lilit, which means “night.” In ancient cultures, it was believed that the dark side of the feminine—Lilith—was powerful and dangerous.

So the name Lilith was sometimes used to symbolize the unknown and the scary aspects of the feminine.

How did mary magdalene meet jesus?

There is no agreed upon answer to this question, as the biblical account of Mary Magdalene’s life and relationship with Jesus is vague and open to interpretation. Some believe that Mary Magdalene met Jesus during his time as a wandering preacher and healer, while others believe that she met him after he had already begun his public ministry.

Regardless of when they first met, it is clear that Mary Magdalene was deeply devoted to Jesus and had a profound impact on his ministry. She was often present at key moments in Jesus’ life and ministry, such as the crucifixion and resurrection.

her story is an important part of the biblical narrative, and her role in it has been highly influential in Christian theology.

When was mary magdalene born and died?

It depends on the source. Some say that Mary Magdalene was born in the late first century, while others say she was born in the early second century.

Some say she died in the early third century, while others say she died in the late fourth century. The most reliable source is the gospels of Matthew and Luke, which say that Mary Magdalene died sometime after the crucifixion of Jesus.

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How old was mary magdalene when she died?

The Bible does not give a specific date of death for Mary Magdalene, but it is generally agreed that she died in the early years of the 1st century AD.

Where was Mary Magdalene when Jesus was crucified?

It is up for interpretation. Some believe that Mary Magdalene was present at Jesus’ crucifixion, while others believe that she was away from the scene.

Some believe that she was in a state of shock after witnessing Jesus’ crucifixion, while others believe that she was hiding from the authorities. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to draw their own conclusions based on the available evidence.

Where is mary magdalene buried?

Different Christian denominations have different beliefs about where Mary Magdalene’s body is located. Some believe that she is buried in a church or monastery, while others believe that her body is buried in a specific place in Israel.

Is mary magdalene the sister of lazarus?

The canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention a woman named Mary Magdalene, who is identified as being a sister of Lazarus. This identification is based on a narrative feature in which Martha, Lazarus’ sister, invites Mary to come and visit him in the tomb after he has died.

When Mary arrives, she finds that Lazarus has been resurrected and is now alive.

The first mention of Mary Magdalene in the New Testament is in John 20:1-10, where she is mentioned as one of the women who came to see Jesus after he had risen from the dead. In this passage, it is stated that Mary Magdalene was weeping and crying out because she had seen the resurrected Jesus.

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Later in the New Testament, in Luke 8:2-3, it is mentioned that Mary Magdalene washes Jesus’ feet with her tears. This gesture is seen as a sign of honor and respect, and it is likely that Mary Magdalene was deeply moved by what she had seen.

Overall, the evidence suggests that Mary Magdalene was a close friend of Lazarus and was deeply affected by his death and resurrection.

Where is Mary Magdalene now?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some believe that Mary Magdalene is buried in a tomb near the Vatican City, while others believe she is still alive and living in a convent somewhere.

How long did Mary live after Jesus died?

The Bible does not provide a specific answer to this question. However, a variety of estimates can be made based on the biblical text and other historical sources.

Some scholars believe that Mary died within a few days or weeks after Jesus’ death, while others believe that she lived for a few years after his death.


There is much debate surrounding what happened to Mary Magdalene after Jesus died, as the Bible does not give a clear answer. Some believe that she remained in Jerusalem, while others believe she traveled to Ephesus with the Apostle John.

There are also theories that she went to southern France and founded a Christian community there. Regardless of what actually happened, it is clear that Mary Magdalene played an important role in early Christianity and was greatly revered by early Christians.