What Religion Does Not Have A God?

There are a number of religions that do not believe in the existence of a god. These religions include Buddhism, Jainism, and some schools of thought within Hinduism and Taoism.

There are also atheistic philosophies such as Marxism and Existentialism that do not posit the existence of any god.

Is hinduism non theistic?

It depends on the definition of “theism” that is used. Generally speaking, theism refers to the belief that there is a God or gods.

This is different from atheism, which is the lack of belief in any deity or gods.

There is no single belief system that is referred to as “hinduism”, as the religion has a wide variety of beliefs and practices. Some people consider hinduism to be theistic, while others believe that it is not theistic.

In general, most hindu scholars and religious leaders would say that hinduism is not theistic because it does not believe in a single deity. There are many different gods and goddesses in hinduism, and followers do not believe that any one of them is the supreme being.

There are some aspects of hinduism that do seem to suggest a belief in a divine being, such as the reverence that is given to sacred texts and the way in which some rituals are performed. However, these beliefs cannot be considered to be the central tenets of hinduism as a whole.

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Do all religions have a god?

It depends on the definition of “god.” Generally speaking, though, most religions believe in some form of deity or gods.

Some religions, like Christianity, believe in a single God who exists in all of creation. Other religions, like Hinduism, may have many gods who exist in various dimensions or realms.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which religion corresponds to their personal beliefs.

Is buddhism non theistic?

Buddhism is not theistic. Buddhism does not have a god or gods.

Buddhists believe that there is no personal god or gods.

Which religion does not believe in a Creator God?

There is no one religion that does not believe in a Creator God, as all major religions have some form of belief in a Supreme Being. However, some religions, like Nichiren Buddhism, do not believe in a personal God who created the universe.

Rather, they believe that the universe and all that exists within it are manifestations of the eternal and infinite spirit known as Buddha.

Is there a god in Buddhism?

It is a matter of personal belief for each individual. In general, though, most Buddhists believe that there is no single, static, all-powerful god that controls everything in the universe.

Instead, Buddhists believe in a variety of different gods and goddesses that represent different aspects of human experience. This is in contrast to the monotheistic belief in one all-powerful God who created the universe and governs it.

Is there a religion that doesn’t have a god?

There is no one religion that does not have a god. Every religion has a god or gods that it believes in.

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Some religions may have more than one god, while others may have only one god.


There are a few religions that do not believe in a god or gods. Some examples are Buddhism, Taoism, and Jainism.

There are also atheists, who do not believe in any god or gods.