What Was Jesus Last Name?

The essay “What was Jesus’ last name?” examines the question of whether or not Jesus had a last name, and if so, what it might have been. The essay looks at the evidence from the Bible and other sources, and concludes that while we cannot know for sure what Jesus’ last name was, it is most likely that he did not have one.

What was Mary last name?

Mary’s last name is unknown.

What was jesus parents last name?

The name of Jesus’ parents is unknown. Some say it was Joseph, others that it was Mary.

Does God have a last name?

It is a matter of religious belief. Some people believe that God does not have a last name, while others believe that He has a unique, personal name.

Ultimately, this question is up to each individual to decide.

What was Jesus’s original last name?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some scholars suggest that Jesus may have had a traditional Jewish last name–such as “Joseph,” “Matthew,” or “John”–but there is no archaeological evidence to support this claim.

Some believe that Jesus may have had a nickname or first name, such as “Gospel” or “Son of God,” but again, there is no archaeological evidence to support this claim.

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What was jesus’ last name catholic?

There is no scholarly consensus on what Jesus’ last name was. Various Christian traditions hold that Jesus’ last name was either “Cephas” or “Philip.”

The New Testament does not explicitly state Jesus’ last name, and the earliest extant manuscripts do not include a last name.

What is jesus’ last words?

The Bible does not specify what Jesus’ last words were, but they are typically cited as “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

What was Jesus full name?

It is unknown with certainty what Jesus’ full name was. Some of the more popular theories include “Yeshua” which is Hebrew for “Jesus,” “Joshua” which is Hebrew for “the savior,” “Cyril” which is the Greek form of the name “Kiril,” or “Gautama” which is the name of the founder of Buddhism.

What was mary and joseph’s last name?

Mary and Joseph’s last name is most likely not recorded in scripture. It is possible that their last name was something like Jesus or Smith.


There is no agreed upon answer for what Jesus’ last name was. Some say that he didn’t have a last name, as was common for Jews during that time period.

Others believe that his last name was actually “bar Joseph,” meaning “son of Joseph.” However, this is just speculation and there is no solid evidence to support either claim.