Who Is The Oldest Known God?

The oldest known God is a deity that is thought to have existed before the advent of recorded history. This god is often referred to as the “primordial” or “ancient” god, and is believed to be the source of all other gods.

There is no agreed-upon name for this god, as it is a concept that is largely understood through myth and legend. The oldest known god is often portrayed as a creator deity, responsible for the creation of the universe and all that exists within it.

This god is also often seen as a force of good, providing protection and guidance to humanity.

Who were the first ever gods?

The first ever gods were probably spirits of nature, such as the sun, moon, and stars. Over time, these gods became associated with specific aspects of the natural world, such as agriculture, weather, and warfare.

Who is the oldest goddess?

The Goddess Inanna is the oldest goddess known to Mesopotamian mythology. She is the daughter of the sky god Anu and the goddess Ereshkigal.

Inanna is known for her many powerful magical abilities and is often depicted as a goddess of love, fertility, and warfare.

Who is the oldest god in hinduism?

It is up for debate. It is possible that the oldest god in Hinduism is Vishnu, as he is the creator and preserver of the universe.

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It is also possible that the god Shiva is the oldest, as he is known for his asceticism and meditation. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which god is the oldest.

How old is the oldest god?

The oldest god is believed to be older than the universe itself, and may date back as far as the beginning of time. The oldest known civilization, the Sumerians, believed that the god Enki created the world in the beginning.

Other ancient civilizations, such as the Babylonians, Greeks, and Egyptians, believed that different gods were responsible for different aspects of the world. The Greeks believed that Zeus was the king of the gods and was responsible for the sky, thunder, and rain.

The Egyptians believed that Osiris was the god of the sky and was responsible for the weather.

Who was the very first god?

As the answer may depend on one’s interpretation of religious texts and mythology. Some people believe that the very first god was the god of creation, while others believe that the first god was the god of death.

In any case, the earliest religious texts and mythology may only be fragments of information that have been lost over time.


The oldest known God is Anu, who was worshiped in the city of Uruk in Mesopotamia. He is believed to have been the patron deity of the city and its people.

Anu was thought to be the creator of the universe and the father of all gods and humans.