Who Said There Is No God?

The essay “Who said there is no god?” is a philosophical work by the French thinker Voltaire. In it, Voltaire examines the various arguments that have been put forth by atheists and agnostics throughout history.

He ultimately concludes that there is no compelling reason to believe that there is no god, and that the burden of proof lies with those who would make such a claim.

3 Best response to there is no god

it is a personal belief system that can vary greatly from person to person. However, some common responses to this question might include:

– that individuals have the power to create their own meaning and purpose in life, and that no one else can give them this guidance;
– that the universe is governed by natural laws and that there is no room for the supernatural or deities;
– that there is no evidence to suggest that any sort of deity or supernatural being exists.

Where in the bible does it say there is no god?

There is no specific scripture that states “there is no god” in the Bible, but there are several passages that could be interpreted this way. One example is from the book of Job, in which the protagonist questions why bad things happen to him and his family.

He eventually comes to the conclusion that there must be a god, but he doesn’t know who or what this deity is. Another example is from the book of Daniel, in which the prophet is captured by the king of Babylon and is held captive for six months.

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Daniel is eventually released and is given a set of mysterious instructions. One of the instructions is to not worship any god or idol, which could be interpreted as meaning that there is no god.

However, these are just two examples, and there are many more passages that could be interpreted in a similar way. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they believe there is no god in the Bible.


It is a matter of personal belief. Some people may say there is no god because they do not believe in a higher power.

Others may say there is no god because they have lost faith due to personal tragedy or other reasons. Still others may simply not believe in the existence of any god, regardless of whether or not they think such a being exists.